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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Tomorrow, May 13th

Tomorrow is Mother's Day (and my last post of the ESN theme of the week) in a lot of countries all over the world.  How will you celebrate your mother?  My mother lives in a different state so I sent her a lovely bouquet of spring flowers in many different colors in a beautiful but simple butter colored pitcher that she can continue to use and think of me every time she uses it to water her houseplants or serve some summer iced tea or whatever in it.  Of course I will telephone her tomorrow paying mind to the time difference.  My brother will have her over to his house for a lovely brunch and a bottle (maybe 2!) of her favorite wine and perhaps flowers and a gift or two.  Gosh how I wish I could be there.  But like many people, school, then work, then life, can sometimes take us far away from family.  So it's good to stay in touch with loved ones as much as possible if you live far away.  It's too late for internet shopping to get something delivered for tomorrow but think about next year already because CarolinaBlueLady has a lovely turquoise and pearl necklace from Avon I'm sure your mom would love.  This is just lovely, dainty and screams spring!   Happy Mother's Day moms of the World!

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  1. Great idea - start looking for those unique and lovely gifts for next year!