Le Petit Marche

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad Weather Driving

Really, more snow, are you kidding me?  The 4th day of our "official" spring we got dumped on good.  My neighbors doxies had a heck of a time to find a clear place to do their business, poor girls. We'll we're thawing out now and it's not too cold and the sun was shining today so that certainly helps the mood.  Last week's theme for scavenger hunters at ESN was "driving".   I hate driving in bad weather, oh, I can handle snow okay, it's the ice, black ice and other drivers (I am an excellent driver!) :)  Today the roads were dry, all the snow stayed where it belongs; on the places that need to get green.  And now I have a new job (yes, again.  If I'm not working I'm looking for work, they are usually temp jobs that I get so the cycle is pretty constant) but the drive is like 8 minutes away so no worries if there's bad weather.  Le Petit Marché doesn't have anything in the store to help with your driving, but we do have a few pretty little things to help in your dreams of driving the ultimate machine.  Take a look at these miniature beauties!

Hot Wheels 1971 Ford Torino Limited                  Hot Wheels Corvette 50th Anniversary

And my pal over at ESN; Eccentric Thifter has these bookmark cars for the car lover. 

So dream big and rev your engines!  You can imagine a heck of a drive with all these cool selections.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Traveling Is An Adventure

The theme last week (falling behind I know!) for the scavenger hunters at ESN is travel.  I love to travel although it's getting tougher these days what with all the lines, security and scary stuff going on.  I think I'd still rather fly though than take a cruise, those cruise lines are having a heck of a time recently!  I like to think I spend my money on experiences; so worth it when you think of the cuisine, rich cultures, scenery and people you get to experience.  Even traveling around the USA you can experience such things, although not as drastically as visiting another country.   I've had my fair share of visiting other countries and experiences, still lots I want to visit but not so sure I'll get the chance.  Scotland is at the top of my list (Hi Colin!) :)  and there's a slew of other places too.  But if I don't get those chances I guess I will content myself with being an "armchair traveler". If you're planning a trip Le Petit Marché has this cool Travelon Travel Easier Wallet that has many compartments for tickets (or your self printed tickets), ID/Passport, currency, etc. with a long cord to wear around your neck.

 Maybe you are an armchair traveler, or there are certain places you would like to see and visit.  Sirocco's Curios has this lovely book of 100 of the Worlds Most Beautiful Paintings that could help you in planning your next trip. Or if you're not going anywhere you may just enjoy looking at all the lovely paintings.                                         

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Movies on a Snowy Day

There is nothing more fun than hunkering down on a snowy day to watch movies.  With popcorn and hot chocolate and a warm blanket.  We had such a day here yesterday, but not nearly the storm we were informed we were getting.  But still, an excuse (since I did my food/wine shopping after work on Friday in anticipation of the "snowstorm of the  year").  I didn't really watch a movie as I was busy here on the computer with stuff, but I did have a movie on in the background on a cable channel that I had seen before.  A bit sappy I suppose, but "The Wedding Planner" is a fun movie with the lovely Jennifer Lopez and hunky cute Matthew McConaughey and the gorgeous doe-eyed Bridgette Wilson-Sampras.  You guessed that the theme for the scavenger hunters at ESN this past week was movies.  Le Petit Marché doesn't sell movies, but lots of folks do at Ecrater Stores Network, many of them have quite a variety of VHS tapes if you still have a player (I don't!) and others have DVD as well, like this classic film from Siroccos' Curios.  I love Alfred Hitchcock stuff, they are always nailbiters!

                                   Alfred Hitchcock "The Lady Vanishes"  
So head on over and visit us for your movie needs.  Everyone is also preparing for the spring and Easter holiday so you never know what you may find that you just have to have!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Office Friends

I've been a bit busy, well, not really, lazy is more like it and I'm blaming it on the weather as I don't do well in gray dreary days and snow, I get quite lethargic and my television becomes my best friend when not at work (me, not the tv, although I guess it's working too).  So I've not done my last post for "office" and then before I know it the new theme for us scavenger hunters at ESN for this week that is ending is "friends".  So I'm going to combine the two and I'm flying by the seat of my pants here at the moment as I try to get my creative juices flowing, because I feel good! The sun is shining, the snow looks less threatening and it's not too cold out.  I actually went for a hike this morning around the lakes, as sloppy and slippery as it was, quite a good workout though. Many of the scavenger hunters have all kinds of neat office stuff that is functional, not office decor like I posted last time. Eccentric Thrifter has all kinds of neat stuff.  Look at these few items:

Accodata Binders in Blue                                                         Bankers Box Storage


All of us who have ever worked in an office had friends there as well, heck, we spent the majority of our days with these people, you had better be friendly!   So as friends, I'm sure we all got little gifts for their birthdays, anniversaries and just something fun to add to their office (or cubicle) to  make it more welcoming (or give them something to play with when they got bored, like the wind-up airplane and the balsa wood airplane cutouts I got for my favorite aerospace engineer).  If you have an office friend or any friend who loves Norman Rockwell, they will love these prints from Katzzs Kloset.

Norman Rockwell 3 Girls in School Checkup         Norman Rockwell Classic Adventures

Come on over to Ecrater Stores Network and shop the shops there for all your office and fun things for yourself and all your friends!