Le Petit Marche

Monday, March 18, 2013

Traveling Is An Adventure

The theme last week (falling behind I know!) for the scavenger hunters at ESN is travel.  I love to travel although it's getting tougher these days what with all the lines, security and scary stuff going on.  I think I'd still rather fly though than take a cruise, those cruise lines are having a heck of a time recently!  I like to think I spend my money on experiences; so worth it when you think of the cuisine, rich cultures, scenery and people you get to experience.  Even traveling around the USA you can experience such things, although not as drastically as visiting another country.   I've had my fair share of visiting other countries and experiences, still lots I want to visit but not so sure I'll get the chance.  Scotland is at the top of my list (Hi Colin!) :)  and there's a slew of other places too.  But if I don't get those chances I guess I will content myself with being an "armchair traveler". If you're planning a trip Le Petit Marché has this cool Travelon Travel Easier Wallet that has many compartments for tickets (or your self printed tickets), ID/Passport, currency, etc. with a long cord to wear around your neck.

 Maybe you are an armchair traveler, or there are certain places you would like to see and visit.  Sirocco's Curios has this lovely book of 100 of the Worlds Most Beautiful Paintings that could help you in planning your next trip. Or if you're not going anywhere you may just enjoy looking at all the lovely paintings.                                         


  1. Loved your post and the items you chose to share. As always, I enjoyed reading the thoughts you chose to share. I have always wanted to visit Canada myself. Looks like I will never make it. I hope your travel plans turn out and you will get to see Scotland. Boy, that will be an adventure.

  2. The Travel wallet is a necessity when traveling out of the country. Good choice for the theme.

  3. Great post. I hardly ever get to go anywhere so when you share your experiences I really enjoy them!

  4. Thank you for including my book of paintings in your post. I am not much of a traveler but I did go to Great Britten with wife and daughter a few years ago. Visited Wales and Scotland while there. Edinburgh was incredible.