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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Office Friends

I've been a bit busy, well, not really, lazy is more like it and I'm blaming it on the weather as I don't do well in gray dreary days and snow, I get quite lethargic and my television becomes my best friend when not at work (me, not the tv, although I guess it's working too).  So I've not done my last post for "office" and then before I know it the new theme for us scavenger hunters at ESN for this week that is ending is "friends".  So I'm going to combine the two and I'm flying by the seat of my pants here at the moment as I try to get my creative juices flowing, because I feel good! The sun is shining, the snow looks less threatening and it's not too cold out.  I actually went for a hike this morning around the lakes, as sloppy and slippery as it was, quite a good workout though. Many of the scavenger hunters have all kinds of neat office stuff that is functional, not office decor like I posted last time. Eccentric Thrifter has all kinds of neat stuff.  Look at these few items:

Accodata Binders in Blue                                                         Bankers Box Storage


All of us who have ever worked in an office had friends there as well, heck, we spent the majority of our days with these people, you had better be friendly!   So as friends, I'm sure we all got little gifts for their birthdays, anniversaries and just something fun to add to their office (or cubicle) to  make it more welcoming (or give them something to play with when they got bored, like the wind-up airplane and the balsa wood airplane cutouts I got for my favorite aerospace engineer).  If you have an office friend or any friend who loves Norman Rockwell, they will love these prints from Katzzs Kloset.

Norman Rockwell 3 Girls in School Checkup         Norman Rockwell Classic Adventures

Come on over to Ecrater Stores Network and shop the shops there for all your office and fun things for yourself and all your friends! 


  1. Thank you, you always write a good story :)

  2. Loved the items you picked for the blogging theme. I always enjoy your post and as usual, I was not disappointed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.