Le Petit Marche

Monday, October 29, 2012

Wind - And Lots Of It On The East Coast!

Wind is a very appropriate theme for the scavenger hunters this week at ESN as the east coast has just begun incurring the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  Already 1 million people are without power and the storm is a slow moving one.  Denver International Airport has already cancelled over 125 flights today and tomorrow for the east coast.  And I'm sure all the airports on the east coast are shut down.  My prayers are with all you guys who are having to go through this. Mom is in Pennsylvania and I'll give her a call tomorrow, hopefully all they are getting is rain, but who knows if wind (and how strong they are!) or snow are falling.  Coats are always needed in inclement weather though and (not to add insult to injury to my fellow countrymen on the east coast!) Le Petit Marché has a few nice coats for men for wind, rain, snow and  keeping warm and hopefully dry! Hang in there east coasters! Although I've lived in Colorado a long time, just remember, you can take the girl out of Philadelphia, but you can NEVER take Philadelphia out of the girl.... ;) 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Put a Twinkle in a Little Girls Eyes

It's cold and snowy here in Colorado, grey skies, nothing "twinkly" or "twinkling" going on outside here today!   But "twinkle" is the theme for the scavenger hunters at ESN this week so I took a tour of my fellow hunters stores for some twinkle inspiration.  Everyone has so much neat stuff, whether it twinkles or not.  The holidays are right around the corner and you never know what you mind find at any of these awesome stores.  I found this beautiful Fairy Tea Set at Nancys Doll Closet.
 Nancy makes clothing for the American Girl 18 inch doll, but she also has very many accessories, from tea sets (this is just one!) to hair accessories, boas, flashlights and well, just tons of other doll things.  Put a twinkle in a little girls eyes for her birthday or Christmas or any other occasion with a gift from Nancy.  And stop on by all the other fine merchants at Ecrater Stores Network, you may find other items that will put a twinkle in your eye, or someone you know!   Okay, time to bundle up and head out into the cold, brrrr!  Have a great week-end everyone!  And thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Twinkle, Glitter and Sparkle Oh My!

The theme this week for the scavenger hunters at ESN is "twinkle".  What a great word!  I love things that twinkle, glitter or sparkle!  And all the synoyms associated with those words. Some of my fellow scavenger hunters have already published great posts about things that twinkle from their stores.  And Le Petit Marché has a lot of "twinkly" items as well, mostly shoes.  So I have chosen the following items from my store that twinkle, glitter and sparkle and are also in rich autumn tones. So stop on by and see what  might put a twinkle in your eye!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Feathers, Lines and Traveling....

Whew!  I missed the last installment of  the "feathers" theme at ESN, and I've also missed the "lines" theme for this week, well, so far anyway, but getting it done now!  I went on a little trip to see my mother in Pennsylvania last week.  A town called "Quakertown", population a little under 9,000 and some of the citizens are actual Quakers.  I forgot how beautiful PA was, the trees are so different than what we have here in Colorado.  It is autumn there as well and the colors were brilliant.  It was a pretty quiet time as mom doesn't get around all that well anymore.  But she did have a party in the hall in the park she lives in for my 2 brothers, my nephew and myself because all of our birthdays are in October!  It was quite fun and we had cakes with our names on them and a wonderful meal with good wine and many of my mother's friends.  It was a great visit, but I am glad to be home, a lot of stuff to get done (like renew my expired drivers license...) before I go back to university on Oct. 29th (can't wait to get back to work!) So I looked around at some of my fellow scavenger hunters stores to see what I could find in the vein of feathers and lines and here's what I found.  This shirt from Eccentric Thrifter is a feather design, so it doesn't have any feathers fluffing off of it, but it's pretty cool design all the same.
For lines, I have found in my own store Le Petit Marché a few items that are more like "striped", but lines are stripes and stripes are lines, right?  Or they probably can be.  
Espresso 3 Cup and Saucer Set                                             

And to finish up the "lines" theme I found this fishing cap at Embroidery Fashions Boutique.  She custom embroiders all her items herself and has lots of different fishing caps to choose from.  I chose the fly fishing one because there is a fishing line embroidered on it as well!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Say "Enchanté" With These Feathery Heels

This weeks scavenger hunter's theme at ESN is "feather".  Ahhh feathers, soft, willowy and used for many items; such as boots, hats, other clothing items, home decor, bed pillows and more that I haven't thought of I'm sure. I'm not particularly fond of "down" pillows or bedding that are made with feathers, only because I hate the sharp "quills" that can poke through.  I'm sure there's brands that are made top notch without those but I'm not in that income bracket and anyway, I like a nice firm pillow and a quilt or comforter that I can get completely lost in without tiny feathers billowing out here and there through the seams.  I prefer to keep feathers where they belong, on the bird! They are so much lovelier that way. :)  But feathered "everythings" have been around forever and that doesn't mean if a feathered item makes it's way to my store, I won't try and sell it.  So with that said, Le Petit Marché just happens to have a lovely night time heel, and by night time, I mean with sexy lingerie of course, with feathery accent across the top of the shoe. 

Although "Enchanté" in french is commonly used as "nice to be meet you", the literal meaning is "enchanted".  So enchant someone with these fun little heels with some sexy red, white or black lingerie, or...? Make a statement, however you like!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Polka Dots

Today is the last day of the dots theme at ESN scavenger hunters.  We all had great takes on the dots theme, but I noticed no one said anything about polka dots, so that got me to thinking (I do that a lot don't I??) where did the term "polka dots" come from.  What a fascinating ride I had through the internet on that googled term! I didn't do extensive research (hey, I'm a busy unemployed person at the moment!) But most sites I visited seemed to agree that it came about around the 1840's when the dance the "polka" was all the rage, which started in Britain. Clothing manufacturers were creating all kinds of dresses, hats, scarves, etc. with dots on them and somehow because of the popularity of the dance "polka dots" was coined and stays with us to this day.  I absolutely love what Christian Dior had to say about dots back in the 1950's; you can read it for yourself here:  Story Behind Polka Dots

So, in my quest for a scavenger hunter with "polka dots" I came across the exact thing I'm talking about.  Here is a lovely polka dot and stripe (somehow, stripes and dots ALWAYS go together) American Girl Doll outfit from Nancy's Doll Closet.  Nancy makes all these cool clothes herself!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dots Can Be So Many Things....

Dots is the ESN scavenger hunters theme this week.  Dots, those 4 little letters can be so many different things to so many different people.  For instance, DOTS stands for the Daytona Orlando Transit Service. Dots.com also is a place to buy affordable women's fashions and accessories.  And let us not forget the Dots candy gumdrops that were a movie theater staple while growing up.  And also the "connect the dots" puzzles that are still quite popular since they've gone high tech since the days of old, where you actually connected the dots with a pencil on paper.  And there's lots of businesses that use the name Dot.  Here in Boulder we have "Dot's Diner", and I've seen there's an on-line cupcake business called (what else?) "Dots Cupcakes".   My grandmother was named Dorothy and she was always called "Dot" or "Dottie", my aunt (her daughter) was also named Dorothy, but we called her Dolly.  I guess if they were both Dot it would be confusing. Anyway, my dots are in the form of this cute Susan Lawrence Cap Sleeve Top so stop on by Le Petit Marché and check out this top and everything else I have for offer in the store.