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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Delicious Spoonfuls!

Looking for spoonful on ESN has been a bit tricky, not too much "spoonful" or spoons to choose from. But I did find a lovely 3 glass set of Sundae Glasses in 3 lovely hues, gold, green and purple at Bargain Express.  What a delightful set to use on some warm summer evening enjoying your favorite sundae, of which there are endless combinations of ingredients, then there is, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet, then dig in and scoop out a "spoonful" of that creamy delight!  As a kid, on Sunday nights we had scoops of chocolate ice cream and orange sherbet topped with....pretzels! Then we settled in to watch "Bonanza". :)

Did you know that there's been a debate for the last several decades over who invented the Sundae?  Yes!  Between Two Rivers, Wisconsin and Ithaca, New York.  But it seems no matter how you look at it the sundae was born out of the fact that ice cream sodas could not be sold on Sundays because they were deemed to "frilly" by the clergy of the time, around 1881.  So it seems it was by accident that a customer asked for chocolate syrup that was usually only used for sodas, at an ice cream parlor on a Sunday, and therefore the Sundae was born!  And I think the spelling was changed somewhere around there to not incite the deeply "religious".  Fascinating history and stories out there on the internet about this!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Spoonful of Life

What a day, hope I make it through this.  My eyes are still dilated after my eye exam and I had to drive in bright sunshine, what a headache, really, those eye exams are torture!  Now that I've caught you all up in the boring meanderings of my everyday life I see on the Ecrater Stores Network that this weeks blog theme is Spoonful.  So, of course I wondered why, who, where and when invented the spoon.  Lots of history there, according to whom you want to believe! And there's spoonfuls of this and that in our everyday lives.  A spoonful of medicine, just a spoonful (i.e. "just a taste") of a recipe. A spoonful of horrid things, like cod liver oil, or lemon with honey (yes, I think this is awful!).  I think a spoonful of love might be nice, but is it enough?  Sometimes maybe it is better to deal with life one spoonful at a time....

Then there's spooning in bed with your  beloved, but I guess that's more than a spoonful, depending on how big or small your oval or round spoon is.... 

I know it's not Christmas, but I just happen to have a lovely 6 spoon set of well, spoons!  In a Christmas pattern of course.  Lovely for entertaining, although I do wonder what do we all do with spoons, the forks and cheese spreaders I get, the spoons not quite.  Maybe just for the "spoonful" tasting of all the yummy things you find at a Christmas buffet!  Christmas Cocktail Spoons

You can find these along with their fork and cheese spreader counterparts at: Le Petit Marche

And just because... for a long time I thought the pine cone handle was a pineapple, I thought how weird, but how fun to include a Hawaiian thing.  That's apparently the blonde in me... ;) 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

So many bargains!

I'm a bit late posting my last ESN bargain theme, my modem died at a very inconvenient time!  But all systems are go again and here I am.  Whatever did we do before computers and the internet?  I don't want to even think about it!  Anyway, so many members at ESN have so many bargains, you are sure to find exactly that "thing" you have to have at a very reasonable price. I've decided to feature Bargain Expresss and her very lovely Hand Painted Blue Bowl from Italy 

Bargain Express and all the other members have so many items for sale, you can't go wrong going "bargain hunting" at  eCrater Stores Network!  Joyeux achats!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Shopping for Bargains

This weeks blog theme at ESN is Bargain.  We all know that a bargain is something that you buy that costs less than it normally does.  I used to be an extreme couponer years ago but then gave it up because I just got too busy at work.  I still clip coupons and shop for bargains everywhere I go.  I have lots of bargain priced items in my store.  Here is a lovely example:  Nadara Peeptoe Heels in Melon and Green

Le Petit Marche has many shoes at bargain prices.  Come visit us!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring flowers in full bloom!

Today was a great day for seeing spring flowers everywhere around town. It's renewing and feeling summer is on the way with all the red, yellows, purples, blues, oranges and hues in between that you see while driving around.  Of course here in Colorado, we are to expect a snowstorm over this week-end, fortunately most to the mountains.  What sprinkling we do get should melt lovely on the grass where it's needed!  Springs and summers are short here so I think most of us do the "week-end warrior" thing any day we can with planting those flowers, those gardens, filling up the birdfeeders, and enjoying these short months as long as we can!  It's still a little early for me even if we've had great weather, nights are still pretty chilly.  I'll plant on Mother's Day like I have for years.  My birdfeeders are full and I've had a few finches and sparrows visiting so far.  Flowers will wait.  But you can get this beautiful floral paperweight from: Carolina Blue Lady Treasures.
It's very reminiscent of spring and summer and just lovely!

Joe Rice - St. Clair Art Glass Yellow & Black Paperweight

Spring, A time for Flowers, Weddings and Pedicures....

The blog theme this week for eCrater Stores Network is about spring flowers.  And here in Colorado spring flowers are popping up everywhere, daffodils, tulips, crocuses and bluebells.  I haven't seen any columbines yet (our state flower) but maybe it's a little early for them.  Spring is also a time for weddings, maybe not as many as June or the rest of summer.  But I'm sure lots of people get married between now and June.  And I have just the thing to help make this day a happy one for bride and groom. It's a lovely Mikasa Bone China Wedding Cake Set

It's a lovely cream color with beautiful pink flowers and green foliage and lovely pink ribbons with wedding bells.  A lovely piece!  You can check it out at Le Petit Marche
I also have lots of fun new and used strappy sandals, mules, slide and heels in a variety of styles and fun colors from daffodil yellow to carnation pink and orange bougainvillea along with the ever classic whites and blacks that are perfect for spring, so go get that pedicure and get your naked nails all painted up in a lovely flowery spring color!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Frogs and other Animals

Today is our last day for "frogblogging" on eCrater Stores Network.  And we are plum out of frogs!  I tell you, everyone who had a frog or knew someone with a frog snapped those suckers up and already wrote about them.  Seems everyone loves frogs!  My kids had frogs when they were young, those little green tree kind that you keep in an aquarium and were always having to feed crickets.  Our house was a zoo, literally!  We had frogs, geckos, salamanders, snakes, hamsters, and loose crickets.... everyone of those critters got loose sooner or later and some were never found, especially those frogs, I'd find their little dried out carcasses in the strangest places, wondering, how the heck did you get way over, way up or way down there... thank goodness those days are over and I am currently now "petless".   Since I couldn't find anything froggy, I decided to feature Carolina BLue Lady Book Treasures  coffee table book:   The World of Robert Bateman.  You won't find frogs or any other amphibians or reptiles but it's  a lovely book with many paintings and commentaries on birds and mammals.

Frog Legs

This week's blog theme at eCrater Stores Network  has to do with frogs.   I don't have anything in my store that has to do with frogs so I thought I'd share a recipe from the Rhone region (southeastern) of France for cooking frog legs, just in case you've never had them and want to give them a try. This recipe is from Cuisine-France.  It's an easy recipe and only takes 15 minutes prep time and 4 minutes to cook.

12 frog legs
2 eggs
1 lemon juice
2 parsley sprigs, chopped
Dried bread crumbs
Frog Legs recipe serve 6
Step 1: Preheat oven at 375 F.
Step 2: Remove frog legs skin. Wash and drain.
Step 3: Add lemon juice, salt and pepper.
Step 4: Beat eggs in a bowl, add chopped parsley.
Step 5: Soak frog legs in the eggs.
Step 6: Crush bread into tiny crumbs.
Step 7: Roll frog legs into crumbs.
Step 8: Add oil in a pan. Fry frog legs in the oven for 3 to 4 minutes.
Wine suggestion: Riesling, Sancerre, dry white wine

Bon appetit!

If frog legs are not on your radar for trying I do have a lovely CD/CookBook from Sharon O'Connor called Dinners for Two.  It's full of yummy recipes that has nothing to do with frogs and has wonderful classical music to cook and eat by!  You can buy it at Le Petit Marche