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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Spoonful of Life

What a day, hope I make it through this.  My eyes are still dilated after my eye exam and I had to drive in bright sunshine, what a headache, really, those eye exams are torture!  Now that I've caught you all up in the boring meanderings of my everyday life I see on the Ecrater Stores Network that this weeks blog theme is Spoonful.  So, of course I wondered why, who, where and when invented the spoon.  Lots of history there, according to whom you want to believe! And there's spoonfuls of this and that in our everyday lives.  A spoonful of medicine, just a spoonful (i.e. "just a taste") of a recipe. A spoonful of horrid things, like cod liver oil, or lemon with honey (yes, I think this is awful!).  I think a spoonful of love might be nice, but is it enough?  Sometimes maybe it is better to deal with life one spoonful at a time....

Then there's spooning in bed with your  beloved, but I guess that's more than a spoonful, depending on how big or small your oval or round spoon is.... 

I know it's not Christmas, but I just happen to have a lovely 6 spoon set of well, spoons!  In a Christmas pattern of course.  Lovely for entertaining, although I do wonder what do we all do with spoons, the forks and cheese spreaders I get, the spoons not quite.  Maybe just for the "spoonful" tasting of all the yummy things you find at a Christmas buffet!  Christmas Cocktail Spoons

You can find these along with their fork and cheese spreader counterparts at: Le Petit Marche

And just because... for a long time I thought the pine cone handle was a pineapple, I thought how weird, but how fun to include a Hawaiian thing.  That's apparently the blonde in me... ;) 

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