Le Petit Marche

Friday, April 6, 2012

Frogs and other Animals

Today is our last day for "frogblogging" on eCrater Stores Network.  And we are plum out of frogs!  I tell you, everyone who had a frog or knew someone with a frog snapped those suckers up and already wrote about them.  Seems everyone loves frogs!  My kids had frogs when they were young, those little green tree kind that you keep in an aquarium and were always having to feed crickets.  Our house was a zoo, literally!  We had frogs, geckos, salamanders, snakes, hamsters, and loose crickets.... everyone of those critters got loose sooner or later and some were never found, especially those frogs, I'd find their little dried out carcasses in the strangest places, wondering, how the heck did you get way over, way up or way down there... thank goodness those days are over and I am currently now "petless".   Since I couldn't find anything froggy, I decided to feature Carolina BLue Lady Book Treasures  coffee table book:   The World of Robert Bateman.  You won't find frogs or any other amphibians or reptiles but it's  a lovely book with many paintings and commentaries on birds and mammals.


  1. LOL! I remember finding the missing "bodies" as well from my nephew's pets. The book is lovely - I bet it has amazing photos in it. Great blog!

  2. I had to laugh out loud! So true, especially finding those little dried guys. Great post!