Le Petit Marche

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring flowers in full bloom!

Today was a great day for seeing spring flowers everywhere around town. It's renewing and feeling summer is on the way with all the red, yellows, purples, blues, oranges and hues in between that you see while driving around.  Of course here in Colorado, we are to expect a snowstorm over this week-end, fortunately most to the mountains.  What sprinkling we do get should melt lovely on the grass where it's needed!  Springs and summers are short here so I think most of us do the "week-end warrior" thing any day we can with planting those flowers, those gardens, filling up the birdfeeders, and enjoying these short months as long as we can!  It's still a little early for me even if we've had great weather, nights are still pretty chilly.  I'll plant on Mother's Day like I have for years.  My birdfeeders are full and I've had a few finches and sparrows visiting so far.  Flowers will wait.  But you can get this beautiful floral paperweight from: Carolina Blue Lady Treasures.
It's very reminiscent of spring and summer and just lovely!

Joe Rice - St. Clair Art Glass Yellow & Black Paperweight


  1. Living as far south as I do, I forget sometimes that not everyone can plant as early as we do. Hope the time goes by fast so you can enjoy the flowers, too. Great blog and great flower choice!

  2. Thanks! I envy you that you can start planting now and enjoying flowers for a longer time.

  3. Thanks for featuring my Joe Rice floral paperweight. I do not miss living in the north at all. But what a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day - planting flowers.