Le Petit Marche

Monday, October 29, 2012

Wind - And Lots Of It On The East Coast!

Wind is a very appropriate theme for the scavenger hunters this week at ESN as the east coast has just begun incurring the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  Already 1 million people are without power and the storm is a slow moving one.  Denver International Airport has already cancelled over 125 flights today and tomorrow for the east coast.  And I'm sure all the airports on the east coast are shut down.  My prayers are with all you guys who are having to go through this. Mom is in Pennsylvania and I'll give her a call tomorrow, hopefully all they are getting is rain, but who knows if wind (and how strong they are!) or snow are falling.  Coats are always needed in inclement weather though and (not to add insult to injury to my fellow countrymen on the east coast!) Le Petit Marché has a few nice coats for men for wind, rain, snow and  keeping warm and hopefully dry! Hang in there east coasters! Although I've lived in Colorado a long time, just remember, you can take the girl out of Philadelphia, but you can NEVER take Philadelphia out of the girl.... ;) 


  1. Love your post. I also posted something about the storm on my blog. I guess great minds think a like. The item you picked to feature is great. Wind Jackets are great in windy weather.

  2. Nice post. We could use that rain jacket here in Delaware.