Le Petit Marche

Monday, October 8, 2012

Say "Enchanté" With These Feathery Heels

This weeks scavenger hunter's theme at ESN is "feather".  Ahhh feathers, soft, willowy and used for many items; such as boots, hats, other clothing items, home decor, bed pillows and more that I haven't thought of I'm sure. I'm not particularly fond of "down" pillows or bedding that are made with feathers, only because I hate the sharp "quills" that can poke through.  I'm sure there's brands that are made top notch without those but I'm not in that income bracket and anyway, I like a nice firm pillow and a quilt or comforter that I can get completely lost in without tiny feathers billowing out here and there through the seams.  I prefer to keep feathers where they belong, on the bird! They are so much lovelier that way. :)  But feathered "everythings" have been around forever and that doesn't mean if a feathered item makes it's way to my store, I won't try and sell it.  So with that said, Le Petit Marché just happens to have a lovely night time heel, and by night time, I mean with sexy lingerie of course, with feathery accent across the top of the shoe. 

Although "Enchanté" in french is commonly used as "nice to be meet you", the literal meaning is "enchanted".  So enchant someone with these fun little heels with some sexy red, white or black lingerie, or...? Make a statement, however you like!


  1. Gosh I remember these way back in the day. Sweet!

  2. Nice! Love those feather slippers. Think I had a pair back in the day. Slippers always make you feel glamorous. LOL

  3. I always enjoy your post. You picked a great item to share with us. I have never owned a pair of these, but have had friends that did and they loved them.

  4. So cute. I wonder what kind of reaction I'd get in those after 20 years of marriage? LoL, I wouldn't want him fainting or anything!