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Friday, July 6, 2012

Beat the Heat with this Cool Hat!

We've had record heat just like everyone else in this country and I nearly fainted when I got my utility bill, the a/c's been running almost non stop during the day.  I only turn it off at night because thankfully Colorado cools down at night and it's pleasant sleeping with just the windows open.  We got a huge downpour of rain yesterday which was great in helping all the fires still going on, and the week-end calls for more.  But it's still real hot in many places and in keeping with ESN's theme of "hot weather", I found this really cool sun hat at Hazel's Hodgepodge, it's light blue with red hot chili peppers on it, how fun is that?  It's got red, white and blue Texas state with the peppers, well, here,  look for yourself.  It's the perfect hat for fishing on a boat or on the bank of a lake or river as it offers great sun protection with that wide rim.  So grab this hat, your fishing pole and don't forget the cooler of beer!

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