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Monday, September 24, 2012

Bursting with Color

Autumn (commonly referred to as "fall") has commenced in Colorado and even down here in the low altitude (5,763 ft) the leaves are changing color and the brilliant yellows, reds,oranges and light greens are so vibrant.  The days are still warm but the nights are already cooler.  You really know it's fall when it's time for the annual elk rut (breeding season).  There is nothing quite like it and this year is no different.  Estes Park (7,522 ft) will be celebrating the 14th annual Elk Fest this week-end with Native Americans dancing, storytelling and to teach about the "wapiti" (native american word for elk).  Elk are everywhere in Estes Park, just watch out for the bulls, their antlers can be dangerous!  It's going to be a great week-end listening to the bulls with all their different sounds to get the females to notice them.  There might even be a few bull fights (head butting, entangling antlers, very LOUD and kind of scary too, I've seen a few).  Le Petit Marché doesn't have any elk stuff or other autumn colored things in the store but it still bursts with color with this cute colored floral top. I guess it's got some fall kind of colors.

Also bursting with vibrant colors for Christmas is the lovely sleigh.  Look at it overflowing with all it's colorful contents!  What a fun decorator piece for the holiday. Stop on by my store, Le Petit Marché, and see what other colorful clothing and Christmas items I have!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the info about the Elks. It was very interesting. I love the items from your store that you chose to share. They are great. The Santa sleigh is surely full of color and would make a perfect decoration for the fire place.