Le Petit Marche

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let It Snow... Somewhere Else!

I have a great sweatshirt with a picture of a grumpy old chickadee or sparrow or some kind of angry looking bird with a pile of snow on his head with swirling snowflakes around, and the caption is "Let it Snow  Somewhere Else".  I'd say; my sentiments exactly except I can't complain much, we don't have any snow down here and the northeast is getting hammered along with parts of Minnesota and South Dakota and probably lots of other places I didn't see on the news.  It's just bitter cold here, around 22F at the moment.  The scavenger hunter theme this week at ESN is "snow", very appropriate for many areas in the nation right now.  I myself was finished with winter after our first snow back in umm, well, whenever it was.  It's time to start thinking of retiring to a warmer climate....I know Christmas is over but Le Petit Marché has the cutest little snow globe, and Christmas is just 10 months away already.  So have a look, it might just be something you'll need for next Christmas.  It's from "Things Remembered" and it plays "Jingle Bells".  And who knows, in the dead heat of summer, you might like a little Christmas snow to look at and enjoy!


  1. Yes my sentiments, let it snow elsewhere. Gosh I am so sick of it. We are getting more tomorrow Bah Humbug! Love your snow globe./

  2. Hate snow but love and collect snow globes! Hmmmm... I think I'll go ahead and start my Christmas wish list :D