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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hairy Goings On

It's been a few weeks since I've been here, so many themes have come and gone on the old ESN.  We pretty much collectively have jumped ship and are now over at Online Sellers.  So I've been there a bit trying to learn the ropes and get my foot in the door so to speak.  I'm also trying to get used to the new job, easier said than done and I'm exhausted when I get home and have no time for the computer, blogging, or listing any new items in my store.  Sure, I only work 5.5 hours a day 4 days a week, but they are the longest days ever, have you ever had a job like that?  When I saw the job advertised and the hours were 10:30 - 4:30 I thought, YES, that's for me!  I thought that when I got up in the morning I'd walk around the lakes (as is usual anyway) do a little Zumba, then get ready for work.  Well, I have found while all this is well and good and fun, I find my eyes staring at the clock at noon and saying to myself "are you kidding me???? I've only been here for 1.5 hours!!!!!"  Then at 4:30 I'm leaving like everyone else, it's rush hour and I feel I've been there since 7:00am.  I certainly need to change my attitude, the work is not hard, although a bit of it quite unpleasant, and the people are nice enough (even if a little "to out there" for my personality) and it's close to home so I should just give it a real shot and be content that I in fact have found a job so easily and it's close to home right?  Okay, I'm finished venting!

Well, now that you know what I've been up to I decided to buckle down and get back on the scavenger hunter's bandwagon, and last week's theme was "hair".  Le Petit Marché has a lovely deck of Spa Cards with over 50 recipes for relaxation and rejuvenation.  And your hair in excellent condition of course, is part of being relaxed and rejuvenated.  I don't know how many recipes in the deck are for hair but I found one for "Bay Laurel Hair Repair" which boasts that it can improve scalp health.  And with these ingredients I can see why it would work not to mention smell delicious! The recipe contains avocado oil, tea tree essential oil, rosemary essential oil and lavender essential oil. So come on by and see if the spa deck is for you!

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