Le Petit Marche

Monday, July 15, 2013

For the Love of Grass

I feel like I've been in some time warp or something and haven't been doing anything with the scavenger hunters on Online Sellers.  I also haven't been minding my own store. In fact I have almost given up the whole selling/blogging/social networking scene.  Burnout maybe.  I have, however, been busy cleaning out my garage a few mornings a week and had 3 huge pickups from some local charities.  Now you might wonder why I don't list the items on my store, well, the stuff was mostly clothing and I don't really want to deal in clothing.  I still have a ton of electronics, but no time to test them to see if they work, so they'll be going as well. Sure, it would have been great to see if I could make a little money off all this stuff, but I just wanted it gone.  I may still have a garage sale to see if I can get rid of the tons of books, CD's, DVD's I still have. I figure as long as I can get my car back in the garage by winter it's no rush right now.  The Online Sellers scavenger hunter theme this week is grass.  So far the grass here has been staying pretty green with watering help as we've not had much rain.  And it's very lovely to walk in your barefeet.  The days are hot and summer is in full swing.  Le Petit Marche doesn't have any grass or anything to complement grass, but nothing  enhances a nice lush green yard than flowers so in that vein I found this lovely gardening book Designing Beds and Borders at Eccentric Thrifter.

Many of the scavenger hunters have gardening books and perhaps picnic items that would be nice for a picnic on a lovely green grassy lawn.  Some come visit us!

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  1. I hear you Le Petit! During the summer months I drift away from the selling and social networking. Sometimes I think I should just give it up completely but then when the snow comes I find myself listing more items. Looks like a fine and interesting book from Eccentric Thrifter.