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Friday, September 20, 2013

Colorado Flooding

No doubt everyone knows the huge floods we've had here in Colorado last week.  I thought the rain would never end.  My area of town was not much affected but whole towns were completely devastated and roads washed away.  I have been on the university's alert system for sometime now and my phone kept buzzing with alerts all through Wed; Thurs., Fri. constantly, I was terrified!

 I heard the chinooks and black hawk helicopters for hours on end during the daylight hours once it stopped raining flying into the mountains to rescue and help evacuate people.  The national guard used our municipal airport (1 mile from me) as a home base and as I was making my way home last Thursday from work there were 2 national guard humungous vehicles driving through flooding waters at the street I usually turn on to go home and was quickly diverted to take another route. The street flooding there was probably up over my tire wheels.

My neighbors and I kept a keen eye on the irrigation ditch that runs by our buildings and the 2 lakes ABOVE us bracing for what might happen.  Fortunately for us none of the waters broke their boundaries.   Being a horse lover I included this photo along with a link to:  Photos of Colorado Flood

 And look at  this great clip:  Broken Hearted Piano Man
Love and prayers to all those affected, displaced and unfortunately lost, my heart goes out to everyone.  And a HUGE THANKS to the National Guard, they have been our heroes and angels in this most devastating time in all my years in Colorado.  We love you!

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