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Friday, February 24, 2012

Sequins and Beads on Clothing and Shoes

Sequins and beads have been used for centuries as a decoration on clothing and shoes alike to reflect light and sparkle.  Everyone from dancers to circus performers have worn sequins and beads to add a bit of glitter to their performances.  A bit of history on sequins I found on e-how.com (by Pauline Gill) was that (quote) in 1922 Howard Carter discovered sequin-like disks in King Tut's tomb (unquote).  In the past sequins were made of gold but now they are made mostly of plastic.  And even today women wear sequined and beaded clothing and shoes for a night on the town, or add to their wedding dresses and shoes to add some glitz and glamour appeal. There are many types and shapes and colors of sequins and beads to appeal to anyone who wants to embellish and jazz up their wardrobe.  I have some great shoes for sale that might just be what you're looking for!  Here is one such pair.  Kenneth Cole black mules adorned with black sequins and beads.  Subtle yet elegant!

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