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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Gazillion Places and Ways to Dine

Dining is this weeks theme at ESN.  No matter how you look at dining, it comes down to eating doesn't it?  And people from all over the world have all kinds of names for eating.  There's breakfast or the morning meal.  There's lunch or brunch or the mid day meal or maybe just a few minutes for a quick "nosh".   Then there's dinner or supper, or the evening meal.  All of these dining experiences can happen in a simple way or a very elaborate way. I find myself too often eating at the kitchen sink looking out the window or eating in front of the TV.  Bad habits indeed!  That's why I love eating in restaurants, and we have so many here from very many countries, that you cannot possibly get bored eating at any of them! I also love a good picnic or barbeque.  But most of the time I am eating at home and I tote my lunch to work everyday, my job is such that I can't leave for lunch.  Le Petit Marché has a nice Dinners for 2 Book and CD if you're wanting to make a nice romantic dinner and stay in.  It's chock full of recipes from master chefs and includes a CD of  music that includes Bach, Vivaldi and others, performed by the San Francisco String Quartet.
Maybe you just want something simple for your bbq or picnic or maybe a party.  Here's a few bowls that could add some fun to your setting. Four Different Shaped Wooden Bowls.                               

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