Le Petit Marche

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Work is Winding Down

How the summer does fly by!  I got a temporary job just for the summer which I started April 30th in a real estate office, it sure has been fun and I learned a lot about real estate and the market, yay, another paragraph of knowledge on my resumé!  They'll keep me on for 3 hours a day through September then they're cutting me loose.  I'll sure miss it here, it's quiet, peaceful and I did get to work on my store quite a bit, write this blog, email friends and reflect on life.  This was the best full time job I ever had!  I'll have a few weeks hanging out at home before I head back to university at the end of Oct. to work as a part time temp in the College of Music as a graduate program assistant, which I've done since 2004 and will work there through mid April.  Another fun job as I get to help professors set up auditions for the applicants, and I get to meet (mostly through email) applicants from all over the world answering their questions and sending information about our graduate programs.  Our office is right down the hall from Grusin Music Hall so we get to hear a lot of singing and instrument playing and in the winter they'll  have mini concerts at lunch.  I like being on campus, keeps me young!  On my few weeks off I'm contemplating heading back east to Pennsylvania to see my mom and brothers but geez, the airfare is outrageous!  I'll have to rethink that and maybe just stay at home and shop and work on the store.  I added some cool Doc Martens boots recently and some awfully cool genie slippers, just in time for Halloween and theme parties.  So come on over to Le Petit Marché and see if anything jump starts your imagination.


  1. This was a great post. It was nice to learn something about your life and how you keep busy. Hope your vacation pans out for you. I do not fly and if I did I would have to give it up, because of the high prices.

  2. Thanks Nancy for your nice comments. I love to fly! And I do believe I will be going to PA in early Oct. My mom doesn't fly either so she never comes here, I always have to go there and I haven't seen her in 2 years so we are really looking forward to it! The airfare is a bit high, but hey, it's my mom, and she's 81, so I don't want to wait any longer. Like she says "is the next time I'm going to see you is at my funeral"?