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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Git Along Little Dogies....

After suffering the horrible blow of the Bronco's losing to the Ravens I am back on track to concentrate on more important things than football, as if there is anything more important than football!  But with my dignity intact and my sorrow for Peyton Manning and all the other guys (I'm still really mad at Champ Bailey though....) I am moving on.  And the theme this week on scavenger hunters' is "Horse".   I love horses!  As a young teenager I took riding lessons on a beautiful palomino named "Barney Britches" and rode him in horse shows.  I was taught proper english riding, not western, so no barrel races for me.... I remember one show there were 34 competitors and I was chosen as one of the top 8!  I didn't win anything but I was competing with adults and a lot of them couldn't believe I made it that far.  It was very cool!  Unfortunately, eventually boys took my interest away from riding horses and it's now been a very long time since I've been on a horse.  With my track record with men, I should have stuck with horses, I'm sure the love affair would have lasted much longer! :)

I'm silly I know at my age, but I still love the film "The Black Stallion", and "Hildago" is also a favorite. 

Le Petit Marché doesn't have any horse items in our store, but I do have some cowgirl boots that are pretty cool and colorful.  A young girl would need these if she participates in cow herding, a busy and arduous task. Young orphaned calves were referred to as "dogies" back in the 1800's. There are songs and films depicting "Git Along Little Dogies" from as far back as about 1937 with the likes of the great Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnett, Gene Autry, Gabby Hayes and others.  The song is a balled with a shrill: "Whoopie Ti Yi Yo".  Check one of the cool videos out on youtube: Git Along Little Dogies
And this one from the Kingston Trio,  Kingston Trio cool pics and the song... Nice of you to visit "pardner". :)


  1. What a great story! I was going for the Broncos, too - because of Peyton Manning as I'm from Indy and even loved watching him at TN. I too, think horses are probably much more loyal than men. Loved reading this.

  2. I just watched Hildago the other night. Your analogy "horses" "men" really made me smile. Love those cowgirl boots. I think a few of my country dance friends would love them.

  3. Again, you got a chuckle out of me. Especially when you compared horses and men. You are not alone. I have always got along better with horses than men. I have not ridden in thirty years. But, I do know a horse will give you their heart and men, well......a hard time. I loved your post and sorry about the Bronco's losing. My son and I both were rooting for them. But, this is yet again, another year.

  4. Thanks ladies for your comments, and Nancy you made me laugh when I read "a horse will give you their heart and men, well...a hard time". Isn't it the truth? :)

  5. I very much enjoyed your post Le Petit. It is great story.

  6. Thanks Paul, I'm glad you enjoyed it!