Le Petit Marche

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Go Broncos!

Tomorrow the Denver Broncos will be playing the Baltimore Ravens in a playoff for the Superbowl.   In the last game with the Ravens, Broncos won 34 - 17, in Baltimore.  I must say, we are all quite happy what Peyton Manning finally accomplished after his first 3 disastrous games.  But hey, the guys got to know each other, made nice, and actually figured out what to do about the plays and before you knew it none of us here in Colorado could miss a game, and the Bronco's were on their way.  The playoff game is at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver tomorrow, 1/12/13 at 2:30 p.m. MST. 

I saw on the news that the Ravens were going to come a day earlier so they could "acclimate", okay, but just a day??  Good luck guys!  We don't have any air here, at all!  Bring those oxygen tanks! Perhaps I am being a bit smug, but geez, we need this so bad, and if we can take advantage of sea level persons, uh, well, why not?

So tomorrow, since it will only be about 15F in Denver, with wind chill about "who knows what", players on both teams will be freezing their "everythings" off (I know it gets bitter in Baltimore too, but at least they have air and humidity...) I will be an ardent fan in my sweats and no makeup (oh God no!) with my low class box wine and nachos (and a veggie tray, for health reasons of course)  watching the game from start to finish, lying on the couch without any multitasking in between!  A true, blissful, and yes, GUILT FREE day indeed.  Go Broncos!! 


  1. Enjoy the Bronco's game. Here we are Philadelphia Eagles fans. (die hard fans I might add) It sounds like my kind of football day. I love nachos and wine. lol

  2. Thanks Elaine, I grew up a Eagles fan as having been born in Philly and grew up in the Lansdale/Hatfield area, but when I moved to Colorado, allegiance changed and my dad (yes, die hard Eagles fan!) and I had the most fun ribbing each other.

  3. Thanks for sharing Le Petit. We here in Georgia are Falcons fans and of course the University of Georgia. Thanks for sharing your team spirit and I hope you enjoy the game. I am sure my son will be watching as he is a football fan period. I always love your post and again you had me chuckling.