Le Petit Marche

Friday, March 16, 2012

French Toast on Sunday Morning

Today is ESN's final day of blogging about breakfast.  I had to take my car in early for an oil change today, so I had popcorn and coffee (hey, that's all they offered at the car place!).  Certainly not the breakfast of champions but it got me to thinking of what I'll make over the week-end.  And I thought about making some great french toast on Sunday morning and how my mom made it when I was a kid and all the wonderful smells and taking the bread out of the breadbox.  The bread was so fresh! Well, Eccentric Thrifter has a terrific old fashioned bread box for sale that conjures up memories of childhood.  Isn't this great? You can see this and other vintage items at her store.  So stop by and have a look at all her cool stuff!

 Kamenstein Roll Top Bread Box


  1. Mmmm...French toast sounds good; haven't had any in a long time! Thanks for featuring my breadbox!

  2. Popcorn and coffee! ;) I have had cold pizza and coffee many a time for breakfast.