Le Petit Marche

Monday, March 26, 2012

Moon in Capricorn

This weeks ESN blog theme is Moon.  I thought I had a great idea with astrology since about the only thing in my store that could work with Moon is my Capricorn Laser Etched Crystal 3D Image Paperweight.  So I started checking things out.  I came to realize my knowledge about astrology would fit inside a thimble!  There are so many sites and so many descriptions, explanations, information,and so many different charts!  I've never had my chart done so I don't even know what my sun or moon sign is.  How do you like that for ignorance?  I may get a chart done one day, if my mother can ever remember what time I was born! This paperweight is really cool though with 3D stars and stuff  inside of it.  So if you yourself are a Capricorn, or family member, a loved one, or a friend, maybe they could use this cute and practical item. You can buy it at Le Petit Marche.


  1. I've never been into astrology but it's a beautiful paperweight!

  2. That is a beautiful gift idea for a Capricorn!

  3. Thank you, and it's a pretty heavy little thing too!