Le Petit Marche

Friday, March 30, 2012

Toothpicks in the Moon

This is my last installment for the theme of the week of Moon on ESN.  I found a great item but a little history first.  Toothpicks have been around in some form or another for millions of years. (And you are asking, what has this got to do with the moon???, I'm getting there, trust me!) They were made of stone, bone, metal, wood, you name it, whatever you could get your hands on to get that annoying particle of dinosaur out of your mouth you went for it.  So this went on until 1869 when Charles Foster invented the toothpick that we pretty much know of today.  Back in the 1880's it was still  "polite" to pick one's teeth in public so Victorian tables were set with toothpick holders.  It was only a fad until about 1910.  But in that time someone, or lots of someones, I don't know who invented the "toothpick holder", invented the most incredible little gadgets for holding toothpicks, it's mind boggling. There are websites devoted to these things, and they are gorgeous. There are even little internet clubs about them.  Incredible!  So I found this delightful  Moon and Stars EAPG Blue Toothpick Holder at Bargain Express.  See, you can put toothpicks in the moon!


  1. Interesting history on toothpick holders. Lots of info I didn't know. I really like the one you have featured.

  2. Thank you! It was a stretch trying to figure out what to write about. :)