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Friday, June 8, 2012

Housecleaning to Music

As ESN ends the week with the theme of housecleaning I've been pondering what I can find to do to get out of housecleaning!  But I'll probably do a little cleaning since the place needs it, what with all the wind we get here and dust that blows in.  I always like to listen to music while cleaning, it makes it go faster and doesn't seem to be such a task.  I'm a big fan of Putumayo, they have the best music collections from around the world.  I have lots of favorites and own many of these CD's so if I have to clean I may as well dance while doing it!  Sometimes I dance to Brazilian music, other times French and everything in between.  I tango, salsa, rumba all over the place with whatever piece of cleaning equipment I happen to make my partner.   Cleaning and "dancercize" all at once.  I only found one CD of music from a fellow store-owner; Eccentric Thrifter.  It's called Nature's Harmony, it's gospel music, so if you don't want to dance (or dance to it anyway!) you can sing along with this very nice CD while getting your house clean!

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