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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Take the Kids to the Beach

Although I live in a "land locked" state these days I remember the beaches on the Jersey shore as a kid.  Every summer my parents would take us and we'd go and rent a house close to the beach.  We went to places like Atlantic City, Ocean City, Wildwood, Brigantine and I don't remember where else.  We had a blast! Taking our buckets and shovels determined to make the best sand castles imagined! All that sun and salt water can dry a little body out, but heck, we didn't care back then.  But things sure have changed and nowadays sunblock and covering up is a big deal to help prevent skin cancer, which of course is a big deal!  I found a lovely little outfit from CutsieKids for an 18 month old girl that she could wear over her swim suit or after her bath from a day at the beach.  It's colorful, summery and cute!  So remember the sunscreen and take the kids to the beach!   And check out the other ESN shops to see what they offer for summer.


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